The language of business is money, and money is the business of financial institutions. No business be it large, medium or small – scale can survive without finance, therefore. Financial institutions should try as much as possible to develop their credit policies, as they are the target sources of finance available to the small – scale enterprises. For many years the importance of small scale industries Vis – a- vis their role in the economic development of Nigeria can never be overemphasized, so their need for long – term finance increase. Inspite of the government’s effort in assisting the development and strength of small-scale industries, the assistance given by the financial institution still remains inadequate. The major problem confronting small scale industries is as a matter of fact constitute the second major sector in the Nigeria economy that bears most of the burnt of the existing gap in the Nigeria financial system. It is worth reiterating that one of the objectives of the federal and state government is to achieve socio – economic development of the goal cannot be achieve without the development of rural areas, the growth of small – scale industries in the rural areas serves as one of the main vehicle of transforming the nations and the subsequent enhancement of the socio economic growth of the state. Indeed, it has been noted that, usually in programmes of social and economic developments in the newly industrializing countries, small industries play a vital role. Small – scale industries assist the government in creation of employment opportunities, this reduces surplus labour. This tends to reduce urban influx of employment labour. This sector has facilitated rapid expansion and diversification in the industrial sector of the Nigeria economy. The sector is diversified in that not only large industries are relied upon but also small business and that the large industries fail. The small ones could be made to produce and render the service required. It is worth nothing that though these small-scale enterprises are small in nature, they have a definite function to place in our economy. For the supply of raw materials and other inputs to the large industries, small and medium enterprises all need to be unturned in the hope that they can grow into large enterprises as new ones rise up to replace them and the old ones continued in the process of economic growth and development. For an objective analysis, interview and questionnaire have been used as research instruments. The interviews were administered to some selected small – scale industrialists. On the analysis it was found out that the role of financial institution to the development of Small – scale industries in Nigeria is inadequate. Consequently, the null hypothesis is accepted. Finally, some useful recommendation as to improving the assistance of financial institutions to small-scale businesses have been advanced.