The need to develop a system that would improve the management of stocked pharmaceutical items in the pharmacy became beatable due to some set backs experienced by the current operations of pharmaceutical establishment. The information got from the staff of the pharmacy and head of Osco pharmaceutical centre, Warri, Delta State, has been most useful in developing a program that would achieve the aim of this project. This project would be useful to both large and small pharmacy establishments and other private business that deals with managing stock items.


This project is based on the pharmacy control of private practitioners. Pharmacy is an establishment, which takes the responsibility of manufacturing and trading drugs and medical related products. The designing and implementation of a computerized pharmacy stock control involves a critical analysis of the existing system, discover where the problems is. The aim of any study is to design a system, which keeps and controls the movement of stocked items in the pharmacy. The system produces various reports of the information of stocked-items, the suppliers and various dispensaries. However procedures towards achieving the aim are not with free especially the hierarchical analysis. To be able to manage information adequately does not imply that they are efficient. The centre of interest would be surrounded by the computerized according system full of tediousness in their prolonged procedure in coveting raw date into human and material resources. Time is also lavished. Notwithstanding, the results of this processing are hardly reliable sometimes due to possible errors, which sets in a result of human nature of inconsistency. The problem also extends to storage and retrieved. From the research done about the problem, it has been found that the manual problems and obstacles could be totally eliminated or at least reduced to a very large extent by using a well designed modern system such as computer. With computer programmes, this elongated procedure could be automated to avoid duplication and redundancy.



In any single country, the pharmaceutical industry operates in a multifaceted and highly intricate environment, which becomes extremely complex when viewed in an international context. This highly involved operating environment has in itself created some of the misunderstandings, misconceptions of the pharmaceutical industry and its activities and has precipitated many enquires into the operations of the industry. To computerize the present and to plan adequately for the future, it is “Sina qua non” to know how the industry involved and the complex interrelated environments within which the industry currently operates and trends of these environment. This study, which is necessary, has a historical and morphological analysis to support the evaluation.

Almost all the industries depend on plant, animals and internals for raw material. The pharmaceutical industry today uses in addition synthesized chemicals from natural occurring product as well as completely synthetic product as a basic of producing ingredient that will be computerized for a better active production. Performance in growth vectors is extremely difficult to measure since few comparies produces growth and profitability data for public consumption because those few comparies are good quality drugs which has price controls, direct and costly consumer promotions and long product. Firms diversify when their objectives can no longer be met within the product. This project or work is basically defensive and designed to avoid declares in demand, competitive pressures and product the obsolesce.


The scope of this stuffy gives an overview of the role of pharmaceutical industries to the community and to the needy. We therefore intend to carry out a library method and focus interview on pharmaceutical industries and area managers of pharmaceutical industries.


Pharmacy stock control helps in the development of pharmaceutical industries and to their customers but to what extent. We are therefore going to make people understand the importance of computerized pharmacy stock control. This study will also contribute to the improvement of the pharmaceutical industries. I shall be able to arrive at a definite and concise conclusion about the importance of pharmacy stock control. To pharmaceutical industries and to consumer.  We shall also see how pharmaceutical industries produce active and good quality drugs, which has control without much stress and mistakes.


After the description of the manual system the following problem areas were discovered which has been remedied in the computerized system.

a. Item location

b. Check for expired items

c. Re-ordering level

d. Fraud by employee

ITEM LOCATION: As a result of the large quality of stock items involved. It is difficult to locate items in the store needed for patients and customers.

CHECK FOR EXPIRED ITEMS: Due to the fact that tracks of the expired date of items are not kept, expired items are occasionally dispatched to the dispensary unity and to patients.

RE-ORDERING LEVEL:  In most vases, it is when a item is needed by patients or customers that the management realize it is out of stock.

FRAUD BY EMPLOYEE: It was noticed that some of the staff of the pharmacy take away items from the store illegally, thereby hindering the profit of the establishment.


During the process of the study I assumed that the workers are computer literature. I also assume that they are using stock control system that is not computerized. There is also this assumption in me that they have not started implementing computerized stock control system.

My assumption includes that they are aware of software on stock control system but they have not used it.