The attitude of the people towards women education has received on outright progress in recent time unlike in the past when it was believed that women education ends in the kitchen or in their husband home. Many have accepted the saying that if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but educate a woman, you have educate a whole family. This highlights the importance of women education. Education is meant to provide and equip an individual with the desired knowledge; skills and training that can help the beneficiary attain self-reliance in decision making and to perform effectively in every task.

The role of women in the development of any nation state or town cannot be overemphasized. This is an attempt to re-emphasis and reawaken the mind of humanity on the importance of women education undisputable vehicle for sustainable development in the Nation at large, starting from the home.It is commonly seen that women are the first teachers of the children-at home. If a mother is educated, they play important role in shaping and molding their sons and daughters.This project is aimed at investigating the role of education in women empowerment which has implication for economic development in Gombe Local Government Area.

Empowering women can effectively be achieved through education by designing and implementing well-planned and organized educational programme. This is becauseeducational attainment is in no doubt the most fundamental pre-requisite for empoweringwomen in all spheres of life. Without education they will not be able to access well paid formal sector jobs, participate in government and gain political influence even perform better in homes.Despite the fact that education plays a vital role in the human life, socio cultural practices are still strong in the state that Gombe is number among the state with the highest female school dropout and those who get married before the age of 18 years majority of these dropout never return back to school to complete education, learn a trade or acquire vocational skill that will economically empower or make them self-reliant.

An organization known as Advocate for Youth in the North East saw the potentials in the women and believe that they are powerful catalytics for change. The organization saw that the women can through education or acquisition of skills realize their potentials which will enable them to mobilize other women in their locality and address them concerning issues. The issues are on education and economic empowerment, provision of knowledge as to participate fully in the community decision making.Nevertheless, a limited number of the women who married as adolescents returned to school and they achieved academic qualification enable them to take up leadership position in the society and even -ventured into politics, some others acquired training and vocational skills that made them business entrepreneur thereby contributing to the economic development -of their community.


In the National Policy on Education it is stated that education is the instrument for national development. It is very important that women acquire education just like the men. Even though the policy has good goals and objectives such as education for all, there are still some women who suffer constrain’ and inhibition and lack of interest in education in their life. Do people see the need for educated women in society? What is the role of education in women life? Those women who obtained Western education are they better than the other women? How are they been improved in their personal life, home or community? What are the implications?

Can women contribute economically to develop their locality if they are empowered through educational qualification? These are what the researcher wants to look into as to draw conclusion.Many women thought that theirs is to marry and bear children thereby depending on their husband in everything about finance how has it been working?This project will also give suggestion in terms of conclusion on how to encourage women to contribute to economic development their quarter through education.


The glory of any life shows only when he has access to knowledge. No people can progress beyond their level of knowledge learning is therefore the master key to good living.

Any nation, state, community that seeks relevance and competitiveness in this ageof globalization   must make effort to give its citizens the best education. This isbecause education enhances the quality of .an individual and enables her to build upher personality in such a way that she will be able to play an effective role in thedevelopment of the society to which she belong.

The idea behind any meaningful economic participation and development is education. In the light of this, the federal ministry of Women Affairs (2008) had this to say Educational attainment is no doubt the most fundament pre-requisite for empowering women in the society according to the educator reduces mortality rate and help to control birth rate to which women are in position to be informed. Without qualitative education women may not contribute much to the society.

The study was undertaken precisely for these purposes;-

a.         To identify the implication for women education

b.         What are the delimitation for women education

c.         What is the role of education in women empowerment?

d.         Suggestion for remedies


1.         What are the roles of education? Does it have influence on an individual? Can it empower an individual? Community, or state?

2.         What is empowerment in actual senses? Is education meaningful for economic development?

3.         Does women consist a dynamic breeding ground for change?

4.         Do all w

omen have access to good education? What are the constrains, those who obtained good education how far have they been contributing to economic growth?

5.         Can women be empowered?


To the parents who do not value education of the girl child, individuals sand community, this course of study will help to enlighten them on the need to give their child good education before given her out for marriage. They will see why the poor homes continue in poverty and the homebuilder not empowered.The study will revealed to husbands, friends and families what they stand to gain when their wife, mother or woman friend acquire education. They will be able to encourage, support and assist them to accomplish their life ambition through education. When a mother acquire or trained in one skill or the other many of her children are likely to demonstrate that skill easily.

To the authorities, they will also see the more reason why the implementation of the National policy on education Section 1 which sate “that every Nigerian child toeducation,” Should be reinforced in every locality.The study will give suggestion to education authorities on how to reduce the financial constrain especially at the tertiary level as to be affordable to all. If education isreally our agent of change in the society, it should be given to the citizens by thegovernment.

To the community, the study to them will show how education fosters and awaken cultural interest. In some cultures they feel that women with high quality of education do not respect culture, the study will strike the balance of the motion.


This study is to cover Gombe Local Government Area but due to time factor, security Challenge and financial constrain. The study would be limited to Federal Low-cost, Tunfure and Jakadafari areas of the state.The study is on women education the hindrances, challenges and benefits to the individual, her home, community and the society.The finding of this study will be used to generalize to all the women in Gombe metropolis


Education;  In this content education means a formal learning process whereby the learner acquires skills, knowledge and training to help the individual live effectively in the society.

Role: Here we mean the degree or level in which education is involved in changingthe life of   those who acquire it. The position of education in the expected positivechange in an individual.

Empowerment: In The Study here this means giving someone authority more to control himself.

Women empowerment: Means to give mothers more control “over their own life positively. To build confidence in home builders

Economic Development:  This refers to the gradual and consistent growth of an individual income until it become more stronger.